Rackspace Presents:

The Million Dollar SharePoint Training Experience

Rackspace has more SharePoint knowledge than anyone in the world and now you can have exclusive access to that core of knowledge when all six of our SharePoint MVPs dedicate their time, effort, and expertise exclusively to you.

For a mere million dollars, all six of our SharePoint MVPs will work directly with your company, at whatever location (in the United States) that you specify, for an entire month. You'll be provided with a level of training, service, and support not offered anywhere else. Whatever you need, the top team of SharePoint experts in the world delivers.

One million. One month. Six SharePoint MVPs.

Million Dollar SharePoint Training

Is a million dollars out of your training and support budget for this year? No problem, we have a solution for you too: Host your SharePoint at Rackspace.

While you may not get six SharePoint MVPs sitting in your office everyday, you will have access to their knowledge with 24/7 Fanatical Support® delivered by our entire team of SharePoint experts.

Fanatical Support® is real, and it can actually be quite budget friendly.

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