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- May 19th - 23rd

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Course Overview

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A comprehensive experience that teaches the fundamental skills to achieve maximum productivity in SharePoint.

Is your organization using (or thinking about) SharePoint 2013?  There are a lot of changes in this edition: you’ll have some new features, modules, and even apps to learn about, making this the perfect class to get you started on the road to SharePoint expertise. You’ll learn about the most significant updates to the out of the box features in SharePoint 2013 and be introduced to some low-code solutions right in the browser. This class focuses on real-world solutions; using hands on labs and demos that present issues and answer questions you will deal with every day.

Whether you’re new to SharePoint or been using previous versions for years, there will be something for everyone in this class.  Your instructor is an industry recognized leader in SharePoint and is familiar with the ins-and-outs of the program. 


"I enjoyed this type of learning environment. And you are correct, it did allow for me to keep up with my daily workload by attending mid-day. Laura was personable, helpful and delivered the course with true professionalism. I look forward to learning more from Laura. She is awesome!"

- Becky Wheeler (April 2014)

"Great training - very effective and interactive. The instructor was extremely engaging and helpful"

 - Anjali Sniadowski (April 2014)

"Laura Rogers is a great trainer, the material was well developed, and the labs were pertinent to my everyday needs."

(Sept. 2013 Student)

"This is one of the best trainings I have ever taken! Very informative, thank you!"

- Stacey Hecht (Jan. 2014)

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What separates Rackspace's SharePoint 2013 Power User training from others?

The answer is Laura Rogers.

Not only is Laura a respected SharePoint MVP, she has authored and co-authored multiple book on various SharePoint topics, including:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrator's Companion

  • Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration

  • Beginning SharePoint 2010: Building Business Solutions with SharePoint

  • Step by Step: Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

  • SharePoint 2010 at Work: Tricks, Traps, and Bold Opinions

  • Beginning SharePoint 2013: Building Business Solutions

Not enough? How about the fact that Laura is a speaker at the biggest SharePoint event in the world, SharePoint Conference 2014. Go to and you can see where Laura is featured on the website's home page.

Visit her blog at and connect with her on Twitter: @WonderLaura

Why is this class structured at 3 hours for 5 days rather than (more hours and less days)?

Our class is in its current structured format for two main reasons:

  • Life doesn't stop so we can learn SharePoint.

    • Deadlines still have to be met, emergency projects still happen, and life doesn't stop simply because you're in a SharePoint training course.  To combat this, we've structured the class so that students still have time to focus on other things during normal business hours.

  • To allow students to try the hands-on labs on their own at first, after each day of class.

    • We have found that this method helps students find what they know and what they don't understand yet. Q&A sessions are available during and after class (determined by Laura) to answer questions that may arise while working on the labs.

"Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day...teach a person to fish and they will eat forever."

What audience is this class geared towards?

​Our SharePoint 2013 Power User course is geared towards anyone looking to strengthen their knowledge of SharePoint 2013.

What are the immediate benefits of taking this course?

This course will give you the ability to:

  • Create, manage, and customize content in SharePoint.

  • Use SharePoint with greater ease and efficiency.

  • Take advantage of the deeper features of SharePoint.

  • Have more productive workdays with greater collaboration and less time being wasted.

  • Understand how to utilize SharePoint for various needs.

What version of SharePoint do I need?

​We provide you with a 2013 test environment utilizing Rackspace Cloud Servers. The contents of this class are applicable to those running SharePoint 2013 on-premise, off-premise, in the cloud, and through Office365

What are the requirements and how do I connect?

We have partnered with GoToTraining for our online classes. This effective tool makes attending class simple and keeps requirements . After registering, we will contact you directly with connection information and will be happy to answer any additional questions. 

Have a question that isn't answered on here? Contact us today!

Register now to receive:

  • ​A week of training with one of the leading experts in the business.

  • A SharePoint 2013 test environment (for up to two weeks).
  • Two detailed manuals containing class exercises and labs.
  • A care package full of great items.

  • A recorded version of your class (available on-demand for 30 days).

  • Q&A sessions at the end of each day.

  • Access to a second LIVE session of this class (within a year)

Group Discounts:

​Number of Students:
​Full price.
25% off the cost of the 2nd and 3rd students
​50% off the cost of the 4th and 5th students
Contact us and we will tailor a solution to fit your specific needs.​


Syllabus & Schedule:

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Day 1

11:00AM - 12:30PM (EDT): Introduction & Overview

This module dives into what SharePoint is and all of the key components of managing not only the SharePoint site but the project of creating and deploying the portal. The focus here is to take the lessons learned from the hundreds of SharePoint projects your instructor has lead or participated in and give you real, actionable guidance on how you can improve your SharePoint environment.

  1. What is SharePoint?

  2. New features in SharePoint 2013

  3. Managing SharePoint:

    • Governance: Site Policies and Procedures

    • User Adoption: User Experience Planning and Personas

1:00PM - 2:30PM (EDT): Lists & Libraries

When Microsoft created lists and libraries they made working with their core features easy to do and very discoverable. This gives many users the impression they are very limited, which is far from the truth. In this module we will pull back the covers and dive into the features hidden inside lists and libraries. We will look at those lesser-known features and expose you to all of the power and customizations that they provide.

  1. Lists vs. Libraries in SharePoint

  2. Creating and Managing Lists and Libraries

    • Utilizing the 'ribbon' to change settings

    • Advanced Permission Settings

    • Metadata navigation

  3. Columns

    • Types

    • Creation

    • Using columns

    • Site Columns

  4. Dealing with Large Lists

    • Views vs. folders

    • Multi-select

    • Manage content and structure

    • Explorer view

    • Throttling

    • Indexing

Day 2

11:00AM - 12:30PM (EDT): Site Collection Management

As a site collection administrator there is a great deal of responsibility and a lot of shiny buttons you can press. This module will cover how to use those various buttons and the decisions you should be making. Because changes at the site collection level affect all of the sub-sites and content below, this power must be given and used very carefully.

  1. Creating 'Sites' in SharePoint

    • Site Collection vs. Sites

    • Review of Site Templates

  2. Creating Content

  3. Managing Permissions

  4. Activating Features

  5. Understanding Solutions

  6. Understanding Themes and Master Pages

  7. Web Anlytics and Reports

1:00PM - 2:30PM (EDT): Site Design, Branding, and Apps

This module will explore the out-of-the-box tools that are available for building a great site in SharePoint. The focus will be on how to use the web parts that you get for free with SharePoint to their fullest potential. Just when you think you are done with all of the fun, we dig under the covers a little and get everyone coding. Don’t know what “CSOM-REST” means? Don’t worry, you will by the end of this module!


  1. Building a Site:

    • Pages

    • Web part zones

    • Web parts

  2. "Web Apps? I thought we already had those?"

  3. Adding and updating Web Apps in the App Store.

  4. Reviewing and explaining out-of-the-box Web Apps and Web Parts

  5. Connecting Web Parts: "I can do that?"

  6. Low code solutions:

    • Design Manager

    • Snippets & the Snippet Gallery


    • CSOM-JavaScript

After class: Self-paced lab work

Day 3

11:00AM - 12:30PM (EDT): Content Types

Content Types allow you to collect and display a wide range of information in SharePoint, and are used in a variety of techniques and concepts.  Workflows, metadata (columns) and other behaviors packaged together in a reusable, centralized way are Content Types.  You’ll be able to work smarter and more efficiently once you fully understand the concept of content types.

    1. Introduction to Content Types

    2. Using Content Types in Lists & Libraries

    3. Content Type Scope

    4. Content Type Hub

    5. Common Scenarios

1:00PM - 2:30PM (EDT): Social and Collaboration

Taking the leap toward being a more social and collaboration-focused organization? This module will explore the new and improved Collaboration and Social components on the 2013 platform.

  1. Social features in SharePoint 2013

    • Benefits and features

    • Best practices

  2. Collaboration Sites:

    • Collaboration Site Template

    • MySite

  3. Social Components:

    • Interactive Feed

    • Sharing and Following

    • Cross site collection publishing

  4. Third Party Integration:

    • Yammer

    • News Gator

After class: Self-paced lab work

Day 4

11:00AM - 12:30PM (EDT): InfoPath, Office Services, and Office Web Apps

Filling out forms is a daily part of business.  Integrating existing Office applications and reusing that functionality and data is a common struggle amongst today’s organizations.  This module will dig into some of the powerful services that are available which extend SharePoint’s native functionality.

    1. InfoPath

    2. Excel Services

    3. Visio Services

    4. Access Services

1:00PM - 2:30PM (EDT): Workflows and SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer (SPD) is the preferred tool for creating and managing Workflows in SharePoint. This module will show you what you get for free with SharePoint and then the numerous ways you can build on top of that using SPD instead of writing code. 

  1. Introduction to Workflows

  2. New Workflow features in SharePoint 2013

  3. Using and customizing the built in Workflows

  4. Introduction to Stages

    • Workflow Containers

  5. Looping 

    • Time and Conditional

  6. New Actions Available

  7. Governance

After class: Self-paced lab work

Day 5

11:00AM - 12:30PM (EDT): Search

This module will explore SharePoint search at a high level. The focus will be on how to use the web parts that you get for free with SharePoint to push relevant data to your users using search.  Search plays a big part in driving SharePoint 2013’s content, which is why it’s important to understand how it works and how you can use it to your advantage.

  1. Search, Crawlers, Configuration

  2. Relevancy to the User

  3. Content Query by Search

  4. Display Templates

1:00PM - 2:30PM (EDT): Applying What You've Learned

This last module is all about taking the tools you have been exposed to and combining them into a comprehensive solution. The final, extensive lab walks you through the process of building a complete business scenario; allowing you to apply everything you've learned in a real-world situation.

After class: Self-paced lab work FIESTA!


$1,299.00 (Special rate of $750!)

(limited time only)

We make sure to have plenty of Q&A time, including 1-on-1 sessions, during this class. This makes it necessary that we limit the number of students in each class, so be sure to register ASAP!

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