SharePoint 2013:
How to Create a Site Column




What is the difference between a site column and a list or library column? To put it simply, a site column can be used for maintaining structure throughout your lists and libraries.  If you were to create a column in a list or library, that column would only available in the one particular list or library in which it was created.  For example, if you have a Choice site column at your top-level site and want to apply this column to all of your subsites to keep consistency throughout, this is possible with a site column.


1. From your SharePoint site, in the upper right-hand corner click the Site Settings Gear.


2. On the drop-down click Site Settings.


3. On the Site Settings page, under Web Designer Galleries, click Site Columns.



4. On the Site Columns page click Create.


For the most part this will look similar to creating a normal list or library column.  You will notice a few additional column types available:
  • Full HTML content with formatting and constraints for publishing
  • Image with formatting and constraints for publishing
  • Hyperlink with formatting and constraints for publishing
  • Summary Links data
  • Rich media data for publishing
5.     Enter the following information:
    1. Column name: Product Offering
    2. The type of information in this column is: Choice (menu to choose from)

    3. Put this site column into: Custom Columns
    4. Description: These are choices of our current product offerings.
    5. Type each choice on a separate line:
      • Beginner SharePoint 2010 Training
      • Beginner SharePoint 2013 Training
      • Advanced SharePoint 2010 Training
      • Advanced SharePoint 2013 Training
      • SharePoint Workflow Training
    6. Default value: (Make blank unless you have a choice you use often.)



6. Review your settings and click OK.


7. On the Site Columns page, if you look under the Custom Columns group you will see your new Site Column, in this example “Product Offering” has been created.




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