​SharePoint 2013:
Display a Task List on a Master Calendar




1. From your SharePoint site, open your master Calendar, in this example I will open my “Team Calendar.”

2. At the top of the page click CALENDAR to expand the ribbon.


3. In the Manage Views section click Calendars Overlay.


4. On the Calendar Overlay Settings page click New Calendar.


5. In the Name and Type enter the following:

  • 1.Calendar Name: Internal Tasks
  • 2. The type of calendar is: SharePoint


6. In the Calendar Overlay Settings section enter the following information below:

  • 3. Description: Blank
  • 4. Color: Dark Green, #134029
  • 5. Web URL: (locate the site where your task list resides) click Resolve
  • 6. List: (select the task list you would like to display) Team Tasks
  • 7. List View: Calendar
  • 8. Always show: unchecked


7. Review your settings and click OK.

8. Under Additional Calendars you will see your new calendar overlay, which in this example is “Internal Tasks.”

9. Click OK.

10. You will now see items from your task list, in this example "Team Tasks" showing on the master calendar.



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