​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SharePoint Server at Rackspace

​SharePoint isn't easy — let our world-class SharePoint specialists help you move SharePoint to the cloud and take the load off your team so you can focus on your business.

Power team collaboration with customized SharePoint in the cloud. Let our world-class SharePoint specialists help you move SharePoint to the cloud and take the load off your team, whether you need physical servers, public or private cloud or a hybrid approach, we will help you decide and we've got you covered.​

SharePoint offers an incredibly broad but sometimes complex set of product features and capabilities, and you may not have the internal resources or expertise required to run SharePoint in your own data center. Microsoft SharePoint Server at Rackspace allows you to run SharePoint on a wide variety of platforms—customized, configured, and supported by our team of SharePoint specialists.

Whether you are just starting with SharePoint or are considering moving workloads to the cloud, Rackspace brings years of expertise as a five-time Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year and a Gold certified Collaboration and Content partner to deliver, and maintain exactly the SharePoint solution you require.

Focus on your business

Rackspace handles all the time-consuming, routine chores including maintenance, monitoring and backup, so you don't have to. You can rely on our trained SharePoint engineers to provide Fanatical Support® for every issue, large or small.


Get a best-fit environment

Customized single tenant deployment in Rackspace datacenters or on the world's leading clouds. Rackspace can deploy and manage your SharePoint in Azure, AWS, Hyper-V or VMware.


Get SharePoint your way

Rackspace gives you complete administrative permissions to your own dedicated SharePoint environment, so you can customize your farm to fit your needs and accommodate any third-party tools.

Get Started Today

Let our SharePoint Specialists create an optimized SharePoint solution that scales as your business grows.


Build your strategic SharePoint blueprint

Work with our team of experts to turn your business goals into a plan through one-on-one planning and development sessions.


Say goodbye to hosting headaches

When you host your SharePoint with Rackspace, you can rest easy knowing that your service is backed by our industry-leading SLAs and our award-winning Fanatical Support®.


Augment your existing team with world-class knowledge

Get the most out of SharePoint at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time professional.

What makes Rackspace different?

A great hosting experience beyond the infrastructure

Get the maximum ROI from your SharePoint environment with guidance from our team of SharePoint experts: from choosing the right configuration, to helping you define your SharePoint strategy, to how to drive adoption from your users.

The world's best managed SharePoint engineers

According to Microsoft, 85% of the world's hosted SharePoint licenses run on our servers, managed by our team of engineers. Our customers have consistently given our engineers a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80+. (That's really high.) Fanatical Support is not just a marketing slogan

World-class data centers in six locations around the globe

We know hosting. We practically invented the IT hosting business.

No other provider can match the complete SharePoint hosting experience you get with Rackspace.



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