​SharePoint 2013:
How to create a Promoted Links list (PART 2)





Welcome back! If you haven’t read Part 1 you may want to do so now.  In Part 1 we created a Promoted Links list called “PromotedIcons” and added a new “Company Tasks” Link.  In part 2 we will cover adding the “PromotedIcons ” web part to a SharePoint page.


1. From your SharePoint site, open any page you would like, in this example I will edit my Home page. 

2. At the top of the page click Page, to expand the ribbon.



3. In the Edit section click Edit.


4. Click anywhere within the outermost grey line and press Enter.



5. At the top of the page click the INSERT tab.

6. In the Parts section click Web Part.

7. Make sure the Apps category is selected and under Parts click “PromotedIcons” (or whatever you called your Promoted Links list).

8. Verify the “PromotedIcons” list is selected under About the Part and click Add.


The “PromotedIcons” web part will now be added to my SharePoint page.  We’re not quite done yet; the page still needs to be saved.

9. On the ribbon, click Save.


Easy enough! You have successfully added your Promoted Links list to a SharePoint page.


Par​t 3 will go over adding a new link, editing a link, and modifying the default view for the “PromotedIcons” list.


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