​SharePoint 2013:
How to Create a Calendar and Add an Event



1. From the home page of your SharePoint site, in the Quick Launch click Site Contents.


2. On the Site Contents page under Lists, Libraries, and other Apps click add an app.


3. Under Apps you can add click Calendar.



4. In the Name: section give it a name, in this example I am going to call mine “TeamCalendar.”


5. Click Create.

6. Still on the Site Contents page, click TeamCalendar (or whatever you named your calendar).


7. To create an event click EVENTS at the top of the page to expand the ribbon.


8. In the ribbon click New Event.


9. On the New Item window enter the following fields:
  • Title – Team Meeting
  • Start Time – 10:00am
  • End Time – 11:00am
  • Description – Weekly update meeting
  • Category – Meeting
  • Recurrence – Weekly



10. Click Save.



You have now created a calendar on your SharePoint 2013 site and added a weekly Team Meeting event.

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