​SharePoint 2013:

How to Create a Column


1. From the home page of your SharePoint site, open any list or library you would like, in this example I will open the “Documents” document library. 


2. At the top of the page click Library, to expand the ribbon.



3. In the Manage Views section click Create Column.


4. In the Name and Type section enter the following:

  • Column name – Purpose
  • The type of information in this column – Choice


5.     In the Additional Column Settings section enter the following:


  • Description - Blank
  • Require that this column contains information – No
  • Enforce unique values – No
  • Type each choice on a separate line:


    • Training Materials
    • Meeting Notes
    • Client Documentation


  • Allow 'Fill-in' choices – No
  • Default Value – Blank
  • Add to all content types – Yes


6. Click OK.

7. You will now see your new column added to this view.


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