SharePoint 2013:
How to create a Promoted Links list (PART 1)​




The Promoted Links app in SharePoint 2013 is a very simple and useful feature. The app displays links as icons or tiles on a web page once the web part is added.   I’m sure you can already think of several instances where this will be useful.  This is part 1 of 3, which will cover creating a Promoted Links list and creating a link.


1. From the home page of your SharePoint site on the Quick Launch click Site Contents.


2. On the Site Contents page under Lists, Libraries, and other Apps click add an app.


3. On the Your Apps page scroll down and click Promoted Links.


4. In the Name section give it a name, for this example I will call mine “PromotedIcons”.


5. Click Create.



6. Back on the Site Contents page locate and click on your Promoted Links list, in this example “PromotedIcons.”


7. At the top of the page click ITEMS to expand the ribbon.



8. In the New section click New Item.


9. For this example I will enter the following information below:

  • Title – Company Tasks
  • Background Image Location – (Image stored in SharePoint Picture Library)
  • Description – Link to Team Tasks list.
  • Link Location –
  • Launch Behavior – In page navigation
  • Order – 1


10. Review your information and click Save.


11. You will see your new Promoted Link “Company Tasks” in the “PromotedIcons” list. 


A few more notes on Promoted Links: If you hover over the icon you will see the description you entered in step 9 in the Background Image field.  If you click on the icon or tile you will be taken to the Link Location you associated it with in step 9 in the Link Location field. I hope you enjoyed and remember there are still 2 more parts; the SharePoint fun has just begun!

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