SharePoint 2013:

How to a create a site with a site template




If you have already watched SharePoint-2013: How to save your site as a template you're ready to create a new site from the saved template.  If you haven't watched it yet, check it out now! This tutorial will focus on creating a new subsite from a saved site template.

1. From your SharePoint site, on the Quick Launch, click Site Contents.


2. Scroll to the bottom under Subsites and click  + new subsite.


3. In the Title and Description section under Title: give it  a name, for this example I will it New IT Subsite.


4. Under Description: type This site was created using the IT Subsite Template.


5. In the Web Site Address section under URL name: type NewIT.


6. In the Template Section under Select a template: click Custom.


7. Click IT Subsite. (Which is the site template I created previously).


8. In the Navigation Inheritance section under Use the top link bar from the parent site click Yes.


9. Click Create.


Looks good!




You will notice the saved site template I created in SharePoint 2013: How to save your site as a template has been applied to this site.