​SharePoint 2013:
How to Edit a List or Library using Quick Edit

1. From the home page of your SharePoint site, open any list or library you would like, in this example I will open my “Documents” library.

2. Click LIBRARY to expand the ribbon.

3. On the ribbon in the View Format section click Quick Edit.

The “Documents” library will now be opened in Quick Edit view and I can easily edit multiple items.  This makes editing multiple items very simple.
4. I will edit the “Client Notes” documen. In the Purpose column, click the drop-down and select “Meeting Notes”.

5. In the Reviewed column click the drop-down and select “Yes”.

6. To update multiple items at once, similar to Excel, hover your mouse over the lower right
corner of a field with data, click and drag across multiple items.

7. To save your changes click Stop, editing this list.

That was almost too easy!

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