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​SharePoint 2016 is a foundational release for Microsoft that builds on the success of their cloud based Office 365 offering, extending that power into on-premises dedicated SharePoint farms. This is the first version of SharePoint to be created by Microsoft with a “cloud first" mentality meaning that it shares a common codebase with Microsoft's Office 365 SharePoint Online product. As the founda​tion for the future of SharePoint, Microsoft can use this common codebase to deliver new and exciting features more rapidly than previous versions of SharePoint.

SharePoint 2016 is also fully hybrid enabled, allowing on-premises SharePoint to connect seamlessly with Office 365. Let our expert SharePoint engineers guide you through your hybrid journey so that your business can have the best of the cloud married to the rock solid base that dedicated SharePoint Server provides.

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Rackspace has been working with Microsoft throughout the testing phases of SharePoint 2016 to ensure that our engineers are trained and ready to support your efforts migrating to and deploying all the new features today! Whether you are just starting with SharePoint or are considering moving workloads to the SharePoint 2016, Rackspace brings years of expertise as a five-time Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year and a Gold certified Collaboration and Content partner to deliver, and maintain exactly the SharePoint solution required.

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SharePoint 2016 includes several new features:

  • Improved User Experience - SharePoint 2016 provides a modern user experience that matches Office 365, including a better mobile access and simplified collaboration and sharing​

  • Improved Performance - SharePoint 2016 has been integrated with the same functionality that allows Microsoft to run SharePoint Online at mass scale. SharePoint 2016 can store more content then SharePoint 2013 while still requiring similar hardware requirements

  • Data Loss Protection - Create and enforce policies on SharePoint content to protect sensitive information.

  • Improved Hybrid Functionality - Integration with Office 365 is easier than ever before and offers enhanced functionality over hybrid SharePoint 2013 farms.

  • Zero Downtime Patching - SharePoint 2016 can now be upgraded without having to take users offline.

  • Project Server 2016 – Project Server is no longer a separate server product and is instead can be activated as a service within SharePoint 2016 Enterprise and can be managed by our team of engineers at Rackspace along with your SharePoint Server. ​

SharePoint 2016 Features:


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